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 *  umsdos_test/dev.c
 *  Written 1993 by Jacques Gelinas jacques@solucorp.qc.ca
 *  UMSDOS device special testing
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include "umsdos_test.h"

REGISTER (dev_tty,"Create a tty device and use it");

static int dev_tty(const char *basepath)
      /* #Specification: utstgen / testing tty device
            To test somewhat the ability of umsdos to handle
            special device file, we create a tty device (/dev/tty)
            with the following command:
            mknod tty c 5 0
            This represent the general tty (pointing to your own
            terminal). We create it few time, and ask the user
            to enter "hello" and check if we are getting this
      const int major = 5;
      const int minor = 0;
      char path[MAXSIZ_PATH];
      sprintf (path,"%s/tty",basepath);
      util_mkdev (path,0777,1,major,minor,Rdev_tty,0);
      util_unlink (path,Rdev_tty,0);
      util_mkdev (path,0777,1,major,minor,Rdev_tty,0);
      util_mkdev (path,0777,1,major,minor,Rdev_tty,EEXIST);
      util_create (path,0777,Rdev_tty,EEXIST);
      FILE *fin = util_fopen (path,"r",Rdev_tty);
      if (fin != NULL){
            printf ("Could you type hello please ? "); fflush (stdout);
            char buf[30];
            if (fgets (buf,sizeof(buf)-1,fin)!=NULL){
                  if (strcmp("hello\n",buf)!=0){
                        Rdev_tty.prterr ("tty read invalid %s != %s","hello\n",buf);
            fclose (fin);
      util_unlink (path,Rdev_tty,0);
      return Rdev_tty.getnberr();

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