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 *  umsdos_progs/mmap.c
 *  Written 1993 by Jacques Gelinas jacques@solucorp.qc.ca
 *  UMSDOS (msdos in fact) mmap testing.
#include <stdio.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <errno.h>
#include <sys/mman.h>
#include "umsdos_test.h"

REGISTER (mmap_simple,"Try to read a file with mmap");

static int mmap_simple (const char *path)
      char fname[MAXSIZ_PATH];
      sprintf (fname,"%s/file",path);
      FILE *f = util_fopen(fname,"w",Rmmap_simple);
      if (f != NULL){
            short int buf[10000];
            int i;
            for (i=0; i<sizeof(buf)/sizeof(buf[0]); i++)buf[i] = i;
            if (fwrite (buf,1,sizeof(buf),f)!=sizeof(buf)){
                  Rmmap_simple.prterr ("Can't write %d bytes\n",sizeof(buf));
                  fclose (f);
                  Rmmap_simple.verbose ("%d bytes were written to %s\n"
                  f = util_fopen(fname,"r",Rmmap_simple);
                  int mmap_size = sizeof(buf) * 2;
                  short int *ptm = (short int*)mmap(0,mmap_size
                  if (ptm == (short int*)-1){
                        Rmmap_simple.prterr ("Can't mmap: errno = %d %s\n"
                              This test try to prove that mmaping beyong
                              eof yields all 0s.
                              It does not work, so I changed
                              the target of the loop so it test
                              only below eof.
                        Rmmap_simple.verbose ("mmap returned %p\n",ptm);
                        int nbelm_buf = sizeof(buf)/sizeof(buf[0]);
                        //for (i=0; i<mmap_size/sizeof(buf[0]); i++){
                        for (i=0; i<nbelm_buf; i++){
                              Rmmap_simple.verbose ("%d ",i); fflush(stdout);
                              if (i > nbelm_buf){
                                    if (ptm[i] != 0){
                                          Rmmap_simple.prterr("Error reading beyond eof at offset %d\n"
                              }else if (ptm[i] != i){
                                    Rmmap_simple.prterr("Error reading at offset %d\n"
                        if (munmap((char*)ptm,sizeof(buf))==-1){
                              Rmmap_simple.prterr ("Can't munmap\n");
            fclose (f);
      return Rmmap_simple.getnberr();

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