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 * FIXME: this is hand-made for kernel 2.2.9 for i386 arhitecture.
 * this should be auto generated one day, idea goes like this:
 * do gcc -E some_test_proggy.c which #include "umsdos_fs.h" from kernel source
 * and contains dummy main(), and we compile it using kernel flags. Then we fire up 
 * perl script that replaces off_t with __kernel_off_t and others, and which then kills
 * all remaining typedefs for non __* types. (e.g. namespace-polluting ones)
 * then it generates this file. Any volunteers ?
 * ideally, kernel would not polute namespace with such definitions but
 * would always use __kernel_ typedefs in any header that might be exported
 * (errr, yes, I should do that for umsdos module. It is too late now
 * unfortunetaly, so we have to take this approach. But it WILL be fixed)

#ifndef _UMSDOS_FS2_H
#define _UMSDOS_FS2_H
typedef unsigned short  __kernel_dev_t;
typedef unsigned long   __kernel_ino_t;
typedef unsigned short  __kernel_nlink_t;
typedef long            __kernel_off_t;
typedef unsigned short  __kernel_uid_t;
typedef unsigned short  __kernel_gid_t;
typedef long            __kernel_time_t;

struct __my_dirent {
      long        d_ino;
      __kernel_off_t    d_off;
      unsigned short    d_reclen;
      char        d_name[256];  

struct umsdos_fake_info {
      char fname[13];
      int len;

struct umsdos_dirent {
      unsigned char name_len;  
      unsigned char flags;     
      unsigned short nlink;    
      __kernel_uid_t uid;            
      __kernel_gid_t gid;            
      __kernel_time_t atime;         
      __kernel_time_t mtime;         
      __kernel_time_t ctime;         
      __kernel_dev_t rdev;           
      unsigned short mode;           
      char spare[12];          
      char name[220 ];   

struct umsdos_info {
      int msdos_reject;  
      struct umsdos_fake_info fake;
      struct umsdos_dirent entry;
      __kernel_off_t f_pos;          
      int recsize;             

struct umsdos_ioctl {
      struct __my_dirent dos_dirent;
      struct umsdos_dirent umsdos_dirent;

      struct {
            __kernel_dev_t st_dev;
            unsigned short __pad1;
            __kernel_ino_t st_ino;
            unsigned short st_mode;
            __kernel_nlink_t st_nlink;
            __kernel_uid_t st_uid;
            __kernel_gid_t st_gid;
            __kernel_dev_t st_rdev;
            unsigned short __pad2;
            __kernel_off_t st_size;
            unsigned long st_blksize;
            unsigned long st_blocks;
            __kernel_time_t st_atime;
            unsigned long __unused1;
            __kernel_time_t st_mtime;
            unsigned long __unused2;
            __kernel_time_t st_ctime;
            unsigned long __unused3;
            unsigned long __unused4;
            unsigned long __unused5;
      } stat;
      char version, release;

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